Rapid Transcriptions
A specialised academic transcription service
Rapid Transcriptions provides an accurate and confidential transcription service to universities and research institutes. Established over 20 years.  ICO registration: ZA030070

Personal service by Alanna Ivin, MSc qualified secretary linguist - specialist in regional and foreign accents, scientific/legal/medical content, and poor sound quality.

Transcripts to suit different budgets.  Non VAT registered.

Thesis proofing/editing - includes improvement in  academic tone - bachelor's, master's, PhD.

Secure file transfer, 100% UK based.

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Focus groups
Thesis proofing

Some of our customers:
Oxford University
Cambridge University
University College London
London School of Economics, LSE
King's College London
Imperial College London
Manchester Metropolitan, MMU
Oxford Brookes University
St Mary's University, London
University of Bristol 
University of Manchester
University of Exeter
University of Leeds
Government research units

Transcription service: digital transcription, interview transcription, focus group transcription, conference transcription, audio and video transcription, podcast transcription, university research interview transcription
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