Rapid Transcriptions

A specialised academic transcription service

1.Rapid Transcriptions is registered with the Information Commissionerís Office (ICO) and complies with Data Protection Act Information Security principle 7.  
2.All subcontractors/assistant transcribers are made aware of their obligations with regard to security and protection of the data and sign confidentiality agreements with Rapid Transcriptions. 
3.Customer information is used only for the purposes of transcribing and will not be used for any other purpose.  If concerns arise over the content of the material, we will refer them back to the customer.  Information acquired through transcription will not be disclosed to a third party.
4.Rapid Transcriptions is often requested and is willing to sign customer confidentiality agreements to meet specific customer requirements.
5.File transfer - Rapid Transcriptions uses a Business level Sendthisfile encrypted file transfer service to receive and return customer files. 
SendThisFile security statement
6.Files temporarily stored on Sendthisfile servers pending transfer are encrypted.
7.Data storage/deletion - Rapid Transcriptions will retain customer source material and transcripts only for the period it is being worked on.  Sound files will be deleted once transcription is complete.  Word files will be deleted once cleared payment has been made, or sooner by agreement with the customer.
8.Rapid Transcriptions never outsources to overseas transcription companies.  All work is carried out by UK-based transcribers
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